Fiona Lee


Fiona Lee is an illustrator from Australia. We fell head-over-heels for her character design genius. Fiona created a cluster of fabulously festive Momiji dolls. She runs Studio Pounce in Melbourne with Ryan Taylor where they produce the kind of work that makes your heart happy.

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Full name Fiona Lee

Hometown Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Hello Fiona, welcome to your Momiji interview. Hello and thanks!

How did you get started in design? It was actually suggested to me by my mother when I was in high school. I didn’t think I could make a living from being an artist and was set on becoming a dentist when my mother suggested Graphic Design. I’d never heard of it so she enrolled me in a 2 week design course during my school holidays and that was that. THANKS MAMA LEE!

How does it feel to have your designs made into Momiji dolls?Brilliant! It’s like having several mini-me’s out there in the world having their own mini adventures.

How’s your day working out so far? What’s a typical day in the life of Fiona Lee?

I’m a bit slow on the get-go this morning, so it’s nice to start off with a Momiji interview. A typical day would consist of:

1. Wake up to the sound of my cats Vadar and Numchuck meowing in my face followed by a strong hot coffee.
2. Short ride to work on my bike ‘Sunny’ with my husband Ryan and his bike ‘WAR MACHINE!’
3. Arrive at ‘Studio Pounce’, our design studio set-up with Ryan and our business partner Chris. “Moooorning!” to Chris. “Helloooo” from Chris.
4. Flurry of design work greatness. Phone calls. Email checking. Meetings with clients. 
5. Late lunch in the local park if the weather is good.
6. All of Pounce on our bikes ‘BMX Bandits’ style (yes, in my head I am Nicole Kidman with THAT hair) for a coffee at a café nearby or a new one that we have yet to try.
7. More work fuelled by a good caffeine kick. Quick catch-up chats with our work neighbours Harxest. 
8. Dinner with some friends at a local restaurant or a bike ride back home for Ryan to whip up a tasty treat.
9. Watch recorded cooking shows with Vadar and Numchuck on the couch.
10. Off to bed to do it all again the next day.

Christmas Pudding. Discuss. Gooey, hot, syrupy goodness with custard AND ice cream. Are you drooling right now? Win!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? How quiet and hot it gets outside in the middle of the day. It’s a nice reminder that many people are somewhere nice that day, enjoying laughs with family and friends. 

What don’t you like about it? The clean up. 

What’s your favourite:

• cheese? Kraft Singles! I’m all class.
• word? Word!
• day of the week? Saturday.
• breakfast? Tom Phat’s (Melbourne Café) Sweetcorn Fritters with a poached egg, smoked salmon, capers, rocket and creme fraiche served at 10am on a Saturday morning alongside a strong hot latte. Perfect.

Presents under the tree: squeeze & peek or wait for the big day? Wait . . . although shaking and listening is allowed.

What are you going to do as soon as you finish this? Get stuck into some new characters designs we’re developing that will eventually be made into parade floats! But first . . . maybe a coffee . . .

Thanks! Nice chatting  Bye Momijis!