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FLUFFY HOUSE is a home for adorable characters, a factory of creativity and a cradle of dreams. Founded in 2007, FLUFFY HOUSE loves graphic design, product design, character design and illustration. They love design and hope to create loveable things that fill people’s hearts with warmth.

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Can you tell us how FLUFFY HOUSE started? Fluffy House was started by Lammy and Sam’s silly online chat during the boring office hours 8 years ago. One day, as we exchanged our drawings and design ideas with each other, we suddenly thought “Why not create a brand of our own, that’ll be fun!” and everything just started! Pak Lok, who’s Sam’s colleague and Lammy’s husband also joined the team later on and now we manage the brand together!

What is a typical day at the office? We don’t actually work at an office. Since we all work at different locations, most of the time we communicate by Whatsapp. A typical day will be checking and checking and checking message…all the time.

What are you guys listening to at the moment? Pak Lok and Lammy: We like listening to radio while working so that we will not be too detached from the world!
Sam: I love listening to indie acoustic music like Standing Egg from Korea to relax myself and get inspired.

In the kitchen, what's your speciality dish? Lammy: Instant noodle with fried egg and luncheon meat! 
Sam: Homey dishes such as pan fried spicy pork chop~
(Pak Lok doesn’t cook)

What's your favourite thing about living where you do? Convenience, efficiency and coziness

How would you describe FLUFFY HOUSE in three words? We Love Daydreaming!

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Lammy and Pak Lok: Definitely Friday nights! 
Sam: I love mornings and Sunday morningsssssss XD

Can you tell us a little bit more about the relationship between Miss Rainbow & Chicky? Miss Rainbow is the little sister of Mr. White Cloud and she is the only girl character in our series at the moment. Unlike her poker face brother, she always looks cheerful! Chicky is like her guardian, he follows wherever she goes. Worrying about the carelessness of her brother, he always stays by her side and looks after her. Although Chicky is small in size, he is unexpectedly strong and is a trustworthy companion!