Advent Calendar Day 5. Warning: contains Optimism.

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Advent Calendar Day 5. Warning: contains Optimism.

Small things can mean a lot. 

Towards the end of last year I was feeling a bit rubbish. I won’t bore you with the details but I was doing lots of ugly crying and moping about. I’ve always known that I have amazing friends but it’s at times like that when you really realise just how kind and life changing humans can be. My friends were the best. I felt like I was being carried along by them every day. They did little things that lifted my soul and soothed me back to strength. I will never forget that. 

At this time of year while the world becomes obsessed with jollification and merrymaking, it’s easy to forget that many people might be feeling lonely, stressed, anxious, tired or grumpy. 

As it’s day 5 of our Advent calendar, here are 5 random act of kindness that you could do this week that would bring some light into another person’s life. I’m going to make a commitment to do as many as I can this week. The news might seem gloomy, the traffic may feel aggressive and the queue at the supermarket might be never ending, but you can change the tone. Fight back. Let’s be kind. You could start a chain. 

ONE Expecting an online delivery? Greet the delivery person kindly, look them in the eye, say thank you genuinely. Also works for the person driving your bus or at the supermarket checkout. Eye contact and smiles can make a difference. I like to think that I would always do this anyway, but I know I’m sometimes guilty of being distracted. 

TWO Ask someone ‘how are you really doing?’ and then listen to their response.

THREE Donate to a refuge or shelter. People who have fled their homes to escape violence may only have a few possessions and provisions.  There will certainly be an organisation near you who would welcome a donation of any goods to help them, for example, clothing, nappies and toiletries, or food provisions like tins and dried food. Do some googling to find a charity near year that you’d like to help. 

FOUR Pass along a great book you’ve been reading. Maybe leave it somewhere with a kind note inside for the person who finds it. 

FIVE You can do this from your desk or chair. Send an encouraging text or email. If you see something you admire online, maybe you think an article is great or someone has created something fabulous then take the time to tell them. You’ll make their day. Kindness is contagious. 

(Also, I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments on yesterday’s blog post about books. I’m loving reading them all.)

Flossi’s shopping list reminder! Did you make a note of the second item on the list? Check back on your email from us today to find it.

Thank you to @lightofwonder for this photo from Instagram, it's just right for today's Advent theme. 

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