It's week three and the Momijis are still partying hard! 

Yet another week of excellent entries. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has shared their artwork. It really means so much to us and we've LOVED seeing them appear on Instagram this week. 

Here's a little selection of this week's entries. We'll share a video featuring all of them on Instagram later today. 



Big thanks to Laura for sending this photo of her five year old daughter's beautiful coloring. 

Oooh, the consistency and accuracy in Alexandria Goss's entry is immaculate!

The depth, detail and creativity in this piece by @momijidoll_collector is seriously impressive. So good. 

@keelyspud2 - this really is out of this world. Magical! 

This one by @unesshme is so beautiful. Such a dreamy color palette. 

How cool is this by Ashtron?! Momiji windows!

We love what @josiestationery created! It's like a mini theatre set. So clever. She said she had a lot of fun putting this together listening to Sailor Moon music. Thanks for sharing, Josie! 


And finally our winner this week is Jessica who presented Melody Moonbeam as a night owl disco karaoke queen. We love the sparkle and and stickers. This looks like a fun party. Congratulations Jessica! We'll be sending you your gift card very soon. 



The third character to arrive at the Momiji party is Patsy Patisserie. She's brought cake!

Each Friday, we’re going to be introducing you to a new guest at the Momiji party. 

You can color them in or decorate them however you choose. 



There will be 13 characters at the Momiji party when they all arrive. 

Each week we’ll choose a winner who will receive £35 / $45 gift card to spend at

Then at the end of 13 weeks we’ll choose the person who has uploaded the best Momiji party. They will receive a gift card worth £100 / $125

How to enter:

  • Print out this week’s party guest
  • Decorate or colour it however you like
  • Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram before 11:59pm (GMT) on Wednesday 27th (we'll be closing the contest a day earlier this week as it's Easter weekend.)
  • Tag us in your photo so we can see! We’re @MomijiHQ
  • We’ll announce a winner on Instagram each week. 

Fresh characters dropping into your inbox every week!

DON'T WORRY if you miss a week - you can go back and catch up at any time to be included in the big prize at the end of 13 weeks. 

HEADS UP If your Instagram account is set to private we can't see your post unless you DM it to us. 

Download A4 Colouring Sheet Week 3

Download Letter Size Colouring Sheet Week 3

See you next week!

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