Your Momiji Christmas Cards!

Your Momiji Christmas Cards!

I am the worst with Christmas cards. Some years I don’t get around to buying them. Other years I buy them, write them and and then don’t send them. This year is different! Last week I received a card from a friend who I haven’t managed to see IRL at all this year. Yeah, we tag each other in silly memes and exchange Whatsapp messages, but it’s always so fleeting. So often when I get a message on my phone or an email, I’m a bit distracted and scanning through for key information. 
Holding the hand-written letter in my hands, I had a bit of a realisation, I sat down and took in every word. I laughed at the little doodles my friend had drawn around the edge and now every time I catch sight of the brightly coloured paper it gives me a little Christmassy glow. 

So this year, I have also spread some hand-written love. I bought myself a new four-colour biro (I know, retro. I know, I’m cool) then wrote and posted my cards and letters. You can too! You can make someone’s day! Download these amazingly cute Christmas cards created by Helena, colour them, decorate them, draw on them and then include a proper letter. Then comes the most important bit. The hardest bit. PUT A STAMP ON THEM AND TAKE THEM TO THE POST BOX. It’s going to feel so good. Promise. 

If you don't feel like colouring them yourself, Helea has created full colour versions for you too. Take your pick!

Download your Momiji cards here!

Flossi Snowglobe Card - Full colour

Merry & Bright Bus - Colour your own version

Merry & Bright Bus - Full colour

Flossi Snowglobe Card - colour your own 

See you tomorrow!

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