Luli Bunny


Luli Bunny is an illustrator and character designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her happy and colourful work can be seen on patterns, stationery, picture books, accessories, games and toys. Luli created our much-loved Book Club Momiji collection.

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Name Luli Bunny

Hometown Buenos Aires, Argentina

What did you enjoy most about creating your Momiji dolls?  Working  with a fantastic team who encouraged me all over the process. Being able to see my 2D characters come to life and for them to make people happy. I love when people email me to tell me they feel connected with I character I created and with Momiji that happens a lot.

What do you think is the most important element of character design? Listening to the character. Understand their characteristics and personalities, be open to their story, what they like to do what they don't. You have to let things flow and enjoy the magic.

Do you have a particular work space that inspires creativity? What's it like? I work at home. I always take a sketchbook with me to take notes or make little sketches but I feel comfortable at my desk with my hamster Vladimir near me.

What did you have for breakfast? I had coffee with milk, (with sugar, I don’t like it when it’s bitter) which is my normal breakfast, sometimes I like to eat cereals or bread with butter or dulce de leche, but it all depends on the day. I’m not used to eating that much in the mornings, people say it’s the most important meal of the day but I’m not that hungry when I wake up.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in design? To work hard and to never to give up. Be curious, investigate and study about the things you like.

Which designers do you admire the most? Mary Blair, Charley Harper, Ingela P Arrhenius

Do you collect anything? Sylvanian families (specially the babies)

What's your favourite thing about where you live where you do? The zorzal singing on spring and summer mornings

What music are you listening to at the moment? Beck (Morning Phase),  Jarvis Cocker (Jarvis), Brandon Flowers (Flamingo), Voltaire (Raised By Bats)

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Friday nights

What's your favourite

cheese? Reggianito

day of the week? Wednesday

movie? Labyrinth

item of clothing? Skirts

Tell us about a regular day in the life of Luli Bunny...

My days vary a lot, what does not vary is the time I wake up: some days I wake up at 6am, and others at 8am. I like to work during the day and sleep at night. I have 2 jobs; I work as a teacher and work as an illustrator. Working at home as an illustrator is really nice but sometimes I spend a lot of days inside and that can be exhausting.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist? I was studying to become a vet and I wanted to specialise in rodents but decided not to continue. I love animals, but got too distracted drawing or doing creative things, and you need persistence to become a good doctor. I really enjoyed studying about animals, anatomy, etc, but I used to imagine stories about them. My illustrations have a lot of the love I have for animals, specially bunnies and rodents. I had 4 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs in my life and they were my inspiration. Specially my hamster Topolina, she had a really big surgery done, her uterus was removed, but she lived happy for 2 more years after it.

In the kitchen, what’s your speciality dish? I LOVE to cook! Being the most voted at home, breaded zucchinis seem to be the most popular, followed by French fries and rice and vegetables, but I like to cook lots of things. This year I started to prepare hotcakes! They are fun.

If you could only have 5 books, what would they be and why? Anything illustrated by Leo Timmers, especially Oops. Love his work; it makes me smile.

The Art and Flair of Mary Blair. Her work was and is really inspiring

Mike Spillane’s books, any of them. I enjoy reading Mike Hammer stories

Mark Boutavant’s Around the World with Mouk (I don’t have this book, but I wish I did ^_^)

Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. A friend gave me one last year for my birthday and it’s really fun!

Do you have a favourite Momiji from your collection? Which doll is most like you? This one is hard ^_^ I like all of them; they all have a little something about me. I think the one that’s more like me, or at least the one that my friends compare me with is Clarice. Though my hair colour is similar to Phoebe’s. I like to ask my friends what they find about me in each of the dolls. Some of them made a good guess, haha!

Thanks, Luli!