July Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites
July Monthly Favourites

July was a fairly eventful one for me. I had a significant birthday. (Don't worry, I've made peace with it. I'm embracing it...) We also kicked off the festivities for a significant Momiji milestone, our 15th Anniversary. 15 YEARS! The celebrations for both of those events were slightly different than they would have been pre-coronavirus and I have to say I'm looking forward to doing some bigger and bolder partying when life becomes a bit more 'normal'. The champagne is on ice. 

Lots of cool stuff caught our eye in July. Here's a little round up plus a chance to win a Momiji...

Somewhere to live (in your dreams)...

I spotted this dreamland on Instagram. Sadly it's not a real place, but a 3D digital visualisation created by @maryjilavyan and @davitjilavyan.

Which house would you pick?

I want this one.

We need to find a rainbow construction company who can make this into this a reality so that I can move in. Or at least make it Momiji sized! It would be the perfect model Momiji village.

Something to wear around your new rainbow home...

If we'd been able to have a proper Momiji brithday party then I'd have insited upon everyone wearing one of these! 

Created by Rachel Burke of @imakestagram, these tinsel jackets are the perfect storm of colour, shimmer and glitz. 

Maybe the actual party isn't essential, we should just get them to wear around the house. Celebrate everything!

Something to inspire a little crafting...

Back on the model village vibe, I am totally into this mini version of London's iconic store, Fortnum & Mason. It was crafted and shared by @tokayu2017 from Hokkaido, Japan on Instagram. How cool would Momiji scale buildings be? I'm about to dive into the recycling bin. Snip snip. 

Something to transport you into the future...

What's it like to get a letter from the past? There's no stamp required. Have you heard of FutureMe? This site allows you to write a letter to your future self. Write it today, choose when you want to receieve it and then they'll email your words back to you on your chosen date. It's such a good opportunity to do some thinking, self reflection, dreaming and planning. I can't wait to get mine!

Something to say thank you and a chance to win...

[photo by @naypaul - thank you!]

Finally we wanted to say thanks for all your lovely messages and the photos of our 15th Anniversary dolls, Beatrice & Bruno. Thank you for all your love and support on our Momiji  journey so far! We're giving away a Momiji today. If you'd like to enter then leave us a comment below and tell us what's made you happy over the last month and something you're looking forward to this month. Leave your comment before midnight on Sunday 9th August and we'll choose a winner next week who will be able to choose a core Momiji doll from the shop. Everyone is welcome to enter. 

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