Momiji Meets Poulette Magique

Momiji Meets Poulette Magique

Oh, how we love the internet. We love blogs and we love all the friends we've made around the world through Momiji. 

This is the first in our series of interviews with our favourite bloggers. We're kicking off with an enchanted trip to France to meet Cecile of Poulette Magique. We love her dreamy photos, fabulous home and her Momiji inspired baking tutorials!

When did you start blogging? 

I started blogging in November 2009, I wanted to share my passion for art toys, antiques, toys, decor and doing DIY. My boyfriend's nickname is Poulet Magique (Magic Chicken), I took the female version and so "Poulette Magique" was born!

What do you feel makes your blog special? 

In fact my blog is truly magical! It is full of unicorns and rainbows!

No seriously, I think what most differentiates my blog are the photos, they all have a pinkish hue that gives something special.


I like to take time to process my photos, I like to have a packed design, I like to collect objects and make them live together. People often tell me that they like my blog as 'madelein Proust' (a French expression to say that something causes us to savour memories of our childhood) I love that it is not at all serious.

How much of your day do you devote to your blog?

I often spend my evenings on the blog with one eye on the TV, one eye on my screen. I responded to the comments and I see to my emails during my lunch break at work (I am a web designer) and voila! It's really a passion so in the end I do not count my hours.

For photos I take them all at the weekend and while my daughter and takes a nap I take the opportunity to make DIY projects.

Tell us about your home - it looks so much fun! 

We are collectors. Toys and art toys for me and vintage video games for my boyfriend. Suddenly our house is a jumble that gives a living income, colourful design with vintage furniture. A mixture of everything we like! I call it neo-kitsch or how to bring kitsch objects up to date :) There is also a lot of food decoration, such as the Woouf Pouf, posters of my illustrators everywhere and lots of Polaroids because I also love analog photography and polaroids. In short this is a very minimalist house hahaha!

What's your favourite place to shop? 

I love Bird on the Wire shop, it's simple I can buy EVERYTHING! Everything is beautiful and so cute! Online I am a big fan of Urban Outfitters I particularly like their design category and products completely crazy. I regularly collaborate with them on my blog DIY posts.

In the kitchen what's your speciality dish? 

I am very greedy so I do a lot of my favorite dessert and inratable brownie recipe is that of the heart based (OMG I'm hungry now ^^).
You can download the recipe on the blog here. 

How did you first discover Momiji and which is your favourite character? 

The first time I saw Momiji was on the Tamtokki website and then after I saw the ice cream model on Pinterest and there I literally fell in love with its design. Definitely too kawaii ^^

What music are you listening to at the moment? 

I like listening to sweet music like Katy Perry, it motivates me to work and puts me in a good mood! I am a big fan of Coeur de Pirate I am looking forward to the new album. Also Julien Doré is just awesome. <3 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? 

Never to take things too seriously and enjoy the moment and those around us and that we love. It's very cliché but so true!

If you could live in another city in the world, where would you choose? 

In my wildest dreams I have a loft in New York, one in Tokyo and then I go on holiday in New Caledonia, on the Isle of Pines (we can dream;))
In reality I live not far from Barcelona and I love this city and I love living on the Costa Brava for tapas and Spanish pastries!

Thanks so much Cecile! We're certainly feeling the Magique!

Check out Cecile's Valentina inspired sweet recipes here.

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