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Home is where the Art is...

We always knew we had a creative audience but recently the Momiji artistic talent has been on fire! It seems that time at home has allowed creativity to flourish and we've been bowled over by the art we've been tagged in on Instagram. 

We thought you might to take a wander around the Momiji Gallery and see some of the work that has really caught our eye. Enjoy your visit, oh and there's a link at the bottom of the post that will take you to our latest contest. Entering is easy and you could win a Momiji. 

@sewbeeeit | Embroidery

This photo was the winner of our Instagram contest this week. Louise used our Blossom colouring page to create this gorgeous piece of embroidery. It's simply beautiful. 

@speclove | Illustration 

We loved this photo of one of our more vintage dolls, Adventure. Beautifully drawn and coloured by @speclov

@1eilove | 3D Digital Design

We could not belive our eyes when we saw that @1eilove had created this image digitally. They look like the real thing! She says this is her first attempt...in that case we think she has a glittering future ahead of her. So talented.

@thai_momiji_lover | Block Printing

One of our most dedicated fans, Por, carved Momiji rubber stamps for her daughter to colour in. The level of accuracy is amazing and they have such a lovely soft charm to them. Just delightful! Por, you are so clever. Check out her Instagram to see a little video of how she carved them.

@sherbetylemons | Paper Craft

So many of you enjoyed our Dress Your Doll templates. These really caught our eye by Lynette and her daughters. Thank you for sharing them, Lynette!

@ellenrcbris | Watercolour

Thanks to everyone who customised and coloured our THANK YOU poster for health workers and carers. We especially loved this by Ellen. Lovely colours and depth. If you'd like to download the original poster you can find it here. 

@naypaul | Illustration

Nancy never ceases to amaze us with her Momiji illustrations, we could devote a whole gallery to her work! Check out her Instagram to watch her time lapse videos, they're so soothing to watch and the works are seriously impressive. This one is of Penny, she's the rare "secret" doll from our latest collaboration with POP MART. Nancy also created the glittery Momiji at the top of this blog post, is there no end to her talents?!

@momijidoll_collector | Illustration

It was hard to pick just one illustration by Ayhan, he's been producing so many lovely picutres recently. In the end we went with this uplifting drawing of Blossom. 

@mindy_lacefield | Water Colour

Mindy is super talented! We love her work. She captured Alice and The Hatter from our limited edition collection perfectly using copics, colored pencil, watercolor, and Pitt pens.

@april.gleason | Mixed Media

And finally, we bring you this dreamy painting of Wonder created by April. Bursting with talent and intergallactic love! Thank you, April. 

These are just a few of the wonderful Momiji artworks we've seen on Instagram recently. We'll bring you more soon. 
Thanks for all your contest entries. The contest is now closed. We'll be announcing the winners this week. Sign up to our mailing list for news of more giveaways soon! 

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